Welcome to the official WASHERS Home Page, sponsored by the International Association of Washer Players (IAWP), and devoted to one of the world's great games!

Washers is a game of skill, similar to Horseshoes, in which individuals or teams compete against one another in an effort to be the first to reach a winning score of 11, 17 or 21 points. The game consists of two washer pits located opposite one another, each with a recessed cup. Contestants stand in one pit and throw washers toward the cup in the other pit. The object is to land in the cup, or nearest the cup, to score.

The history of the game is cloaked in mystery but lends itself to colorful conjecture. "Betcha I can toss this here washer into that oil can over yonder", someone might have wagered years ago. Most certainly humble roots fathered the game as participants used readily-available parts, a hallmark of the game that survives even today.

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