For a game as sophisticated and challenging as Washers, the necessary equipment is surprisingly affordable and readily available. Unlike most other competitive endeavors, Washers involves very little expense, can be adapted to fit varying conditions and environments, and delivers enjoyment and satisfaction second to none.

Washers - Standard round metallic washers, 2.5" in diameter with a 1" center hole are recommended. Each pair of washers should be painted or otherwise marked to distinguish them from others, and should be the same weight and thickness. Bright colors are recommended, particularly in grassy or wooded environments where errant washers might easily be lost.

Cups - The game of Washers is played on two pits, each with one circular recessed cup as a target. The easiest, although not necessarily the best, option for cups is a standard 32 ounce tin can (4" diameter x 4.5" depth). Remove both ends and recess the can flush with the earth in each pit. A better choice is thick-walled PVC of the same dimensions. Repeated hits of the tin can will distort its shape and necessitate regular restructuring while the PVC remains almost impervious to damage. White or light-colored PVC is recommended as an aid to aiming, and will allow competitive matches well into dusk.

Pits - Although not absolutely necessary to the game, pits add an aura of legitimacy, provide for easy maintenance of the soil, and aid in scoring measurements. A pit is typically constructed from two 8' landscape timbers, each cut in 5' and 3' lengths. The pit is then filled with earth to a level even with the top of the framing timbers. [ Diagram ] To allow room for sliders, cups are always positioned closer to the far end of the pit than the front. When using the 5' x 3' measurements of above, a distance of 31" from the front of the pit is the recommended positioning for each cup.

International Association of Washer Players
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