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The Throw - All serious players deliver their washers with an underhand movement. It is recommended that the washer rest on the middle finger with the index finger curled around the edge and the thumb rested on top. [ Illustration ] The washer should roll or spin off the index finger and maintain a trajectory that is somewhat parallel to the ground. Washers that flip end-over-end, or are perpendicular to the ground when they land, will generally deliver unsatisfactory results. Soil conditions will often dictate which particular throwing style is most effective. With an extremely dry pit, for example, washers slide easily. Under these throwing conditions, many players will attempt to land flat, just in front of the cup, and slide in. Washers that don't reach the cup will still present a formidable obstacle to opponent's washers and might be knocked in or nudged closer. With damp playing conditions, washers slide with difficulty. Under these circumstances, players often throw with a higher, arching trajectory and go directly for the cup. Regardless of the soil and pit conditions, frequent grooming of the pit is always necessary during every game. Should the lip of the cup become exposed, for example, sliders may strike the front of the cup and stop, rather than proceeding to a cupper. Grooves and other indentations in the pit can also effect the path of a washer. Simply smoothing the soil and maintaining earth around the cup is generally all that is required.

The Stance is extremely important to a uniform delivery and consistent results. It is recommended that you always throw from the same location within the pit (or the same spot in relation to the cup for non-framed pits). Some players prefer to take one step when delivering their washer; others maintain a fixed position when throwing. Both styles have merit and followers. Likewise, some throwers stand with legs apart while others stand with legs tightly together. Whichever stance is most comfortable will do for starters. If successful throwing seems elusive, even after considerable practice, consider trying one of the other options outlined above.

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